Soothsaying Scandal: Wise Man on Mountaintop Not All Knowing – Just Used Google

MOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE, EDGE OF THE EARTH – It seems you don’t have to go that far for all of the answers. An exclusive PNN investigation has learned bearded, wrinkled, allegedly “all-knowing” Wise Man, Chang Lee has been using Google every time he disappears behind the large rock at his back.

Lee denies the charge. “I only keep the laptop back there for entertainment purposes. You don’t know how long it takes people these days to climb a mountain and I can’t just sit there all day with my legs criss-crossed.”

But while Lee claims a game of Sims 4 is just what is needed to break the monotony, PNN cameras caught him Googling answers and padding his “all knowing” predictions. When confronted with the findings, Lee (wisely) pled the fifth.

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