Dating The Undead: When You Want to Cuddle & He Wants To Fly

SCARVILLE, IOWA–Girl meets ghoul. Girl gets ghoul. But what happens when the girl wants more than a quick game of rattle-my-chains?

One of the things that men and women (dead or undead) have in common is the need to be loved and to love in return. Emotional intimacy happens when there’s a joining together of spirits beyond the flesh.  But when the spirit of your dreams isn’t willing to take that next step, it may be time to take a long look at what you both want from your relationship. It may be that you’re moving at different speeds.

“A first date is not grounds for registering your fine china pattern or picking out a joint headstone.” says Dr. Susan Howard, professor of sociology at Erie College. “Slow down. I’m not talking about playing hard to get, but be reasonably upfront about your feelings. Undead men are generally not scared off by straight talk, but they do get nervous when their dates jump the gun and invite the vampire brotherhood over for dinner.”

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