Monsterzilla: Bride of Frankenstein Speaks Out

INGOLSTADT, GERMANIA – Experiment 2273A, also known as Esmerelda, bride of Frankenstein is threatening to call it quits. Celebrity couple watchers have been tracking the pair since the big, green guy popped the question while his soon-to-be fiancé was still on the table – and in chains!

“Don’t get me wrong. I love him,” says the seven foot, six inch bride-to-be. “But I’m tired of his maker trying to plan my entire wedding. Dr. Frankenstein is worse than a mother-in-law.”

So far, Esmerelda has refused Dr. Frankenstein’s choices of band (eerie classical with screams), cuisine (Romanian) and decorations (candles – did we mention she hates fire?).

“Did you see how he wants me to wear my hair?” quipped the bride. “I am not going to wear a cone of black hair with the white stripe-y thing to my wedding.”

When reached for comment, Frankenstein was preparing for the big day by drinking beer with his buddies and was unaware anything was wrong.

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  1. I did not discover this website until I finished the second book in the series and went to check out when the third would be released. These are great and I wish there was a way to send individual ones by email to people. They are funny, smart, and enriches the immortal world you are creating. It gives your readers an extra something that most writers never bother with. Thank you.

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