One of the Three “Fates” Stopped for Alleged CUI (Casting Under the Influence)

DESTINY, CA – It seems at least one of the white-robed incarnations of destiny is wearing her skirt a little higher these days – and with heels. Party girl Clotho was arrested at the Griffith Observatory at approximately 2:35 am this morning after attempting to “show the world a good time.”

She refused a breathalyzer, instead charming arresting officers with a love spell and evading arrest long enough to re-route the Colorado to resemble the Finger Lakes, one finger in particular.

Mac Hauser, head of Cover Up Operations, calls it the biggest disaster since Clotho zapped Honey Boo Boo to reality television fame. “I mean really,” Hauser commented, “the mortals are going to grow suspicious, if they haven’t already.”

Clotho was sleeping an unavailable for comment, but her sister Atropos issued the following statement. “What can I say? It must have been fate. At least Clotho didn’t do anything crazy and make the Cubs win the World Series.”

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