Ghosts Strike; Demand More Royalties From Reality Show Boom

CASPER, WYOMING—If it’s quieter in your house today, blame cable TV.

Angered by the latest crop of new reality TV shows like “Ghost Adventurers”, “Ghost Hunters”, “Ghost Lab”, “Most Haunted Places In America”, and the “Celebrity Paranormal Project”, the ghosts of Casper decided to stage a quiet protest by giving us a taste of the silent treatment.

“No moans, no rattling, no unexplained thumps,” said James M. Flanigan, former owner and current haunter of Casper’s oldest steakhouse, the Plush Steer. “We might give you a chill on the back of your neck or a minor case of goosebumps just to remind you we’re here, but other than that—nothing.”

The undead of Casper feel that they’ve been treated unfairly by the creators and crew of these shows, one of which filmed recently at The Ivy House Inn Bed & Breakfast, a historic haunted site on South Ash. “Not only are they coming in and making money off our hard work, they won’t even share their craft table with us while they’re filming!” said Flanigan. “Just because I’m dead doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like a bagel or some mini Snickers, too!”

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2 thoughts on “Ghosts Strike; Demand More Royalties From Reality Show Boom

  1. I just read an article about how they add sound effects & other things to the shows if they don’t encounter “enough” paranormal activity. It’s very sad at the lengths they’ll go to in order to boost ratings. If I was a ghost, I think I’d be pretty ticked! :)

    • So true. I need to add that to one of the ghost hunter books. Perhaps the ghosts can do something to show their displeasure. 😉

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