Five Short Tips for Planning Your Next Leprechaun Family Reunion

GNAW BONE, INDIANA– Calling your leprechaun clan together in the Old Country used to be a simple thing—scratch a rune at the crossroads, or tie a bit of string around a branch of heather, and everyone knew what to do next. Today’s modern reunions of the wee folk take a bit more planning. If you’re the one in charge, here are a few steps you can take:

5. Pick your location. A site where the rainbow ends is the obvious choice, but consider other options. Would your group like sushi? An afternoon of bowling? Paddleboat rides?

4. Provide a safe place for everyone’s gold. Nothing ruins a reunion faster than being captured. (And find more than one– having it all in the same place is just asking for trouble.)

3. Make a short list of items that need to be done and share it among the attendees. After all, it’s your reunion too—you should get to enjoy it and not get stuck with all the work!

2. Consider entertainment. Karaoke is one hot activity on the reunion circuit, but you may want to put a ban on soulful renditions of “Danny Boy” until later in the evening.

1. Plan refreshments. Food and drink add to the fun, but don’t feel like you need a full stag hunt. A few bannocks and a bowl of grog are fine if you’re on a budget. Or, if you’re feeling ironic, boxes of Lucky Charms.